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God’s Labor; a poem




Gather, gather; God’s love

Gather, gather; it’s love

It’s love, but it’s love and grace

Release and send and sends


Door, door; grace, grace, love

God’s grace, God’s grace is labor

Seer, seers: love, be

It’s love that’s in thee


God and love and God and great

Grace, love, blessing, grace

Grace, love, blessing, love

God’s love; God’s love and love


Labor: God’s love is changing you

Exceeding grace and exceeding grace

Release and grace and secret

God secret, God secret

Secret release, secret change


Sow and sow; grace, grace

And grace, grace; love, love

It’s word, it’s love, it’s sow, sow, sow

Sow blessing, sow blessing

It’s word, it’s love, it’s love!


Given by Papa God, January 27, 2009

Star; a poem



A blazing star

The blazing, stirring star

It’s grace, it’s change, it’s abundance

The blessing, the blessing; oh, great, great stirring

The word, the word: it’s a star of power

It’s open heavens, it’s open change

God and blessing and grace

The word, the word: a star of power

Adding, adding grace and love

God’s love, God’s grace, God’s love

You’re loved, you’re sent, you’re changed

It’s word, it’s star, it’s love

Oh great, great star

Oh star; opening heaven

The star; oh a great sign

Love; God’s love and yes, great

God’s word, God’s seal, God’s love

It’s generation door; generation grace

Dashing, dashing; shaking change

Release, release; it’s now opening heaven

The visitation: angel, angels, open heaven

God’s ancient church, God’s ancient love

The new grace, the new hope

God’s love; oh love and be

The star, the grace, the door

It’s word, it’s blessing, it’s change




Given by Papa God, January 27, 2009

The vessel; a poem



The vessel is man; he is man

It’s vessels who are abundant in love

It’s love, it’s blessing, it’s great change

A release, a release; he is a release

God and grace on this one

Release and release; he is a vessel

Oh love and love and love is in this

Oh the vessel; God’s love, God’s vessel

The way, the way he’s going

Daddy, daddy; God’s blessing

God knows him and he knows him

The blessing is on the vessel

God’s changing the vessel and God’s changing the vessel

Release and do and go

The Factory; a poem



Oh the factory is going to turn

Daddy, daddy, God’s love

Sandal, sandal, it’s time

You’re to be in visitation

You’re to be in change

The blessing, the blessing

You’re to be in grace

It’s time, it’s day, it’s time

Visitation in factory, factory, factory


Given by papa God, January 22, 2009


Rock; a Poem



The word, The Word he is

The Rock is ancient and ancient

He is abundant in love

And God is in this

It’s word, it’s word, it’s Rock

The word, the turn, the nation

The door is on you to do

The door is on this house

And yes, the door is on your house



Given by papa God, January 22, 2009

“cup”; a poem




The word is cup

The Dad of grace, change and change

Riddle, riddle, you are to be

The door, the door of grace is now


It’s word, it’s love, it’s leaping

The cup opens and release

A grace of grace, of grace, of power

Guzzle, grace…guzzle abundance!


Drizzle, drizzle; ha-ha, love!

Slup, slup; here, there

God’s cup, God’s grace

The blessing…oh it’s in the cup

It’s word, it’s word; the word is now

It’s in the cup to be; grace


Given by Papa God, January 24, 2009




The God of grace, the God of love

The word, the blessing, the new

The gusts; the winds, the winds open now

Oh open, wind; now


The way of grace now is; yes

Oh grace, love, power

It’s waking nations and change

God’s love shaking you


It’s celestials in grace; celestials in change

There are angels coming, doing, blessing

God’s love and God’s love is open heaven

God’s way is opening heaven


The cast, the cast of great angels

You’re to see and do

God’s great change is an urgent change

God loves blessing hearts


The aid opens now

The holding; the holding opening for you

God’s angels, God’s angels

God’s angels and celestials



Given by Papa God, January 24, 2009

Black Grace; A Poem



Blending, blending; it’s word, it’s word

It’s word, it’s word; it’s grace

God’s word is love for this

It’s a great change


The seed, the door, the grace

The seed, the door of grace

It’s love I have for this

He is a word, and he is a grace


The word; the seed he is

He’s loved, he’s blessed, he’s great

God and love and you

He’s the word, he’s the seed, he’s great


Gathering hope, gathering change

Daddy loves this one

It’s word, it’s grace

It’s black grace


Given by Papa God, January 22, 2009


Daddy’s Way; a prophetic poem




Daddy, daddy; grace, love

Candor, candor; change is now

The blessing is opening heaven and you

The master, the master is now on this change


The way, the way, to be in thee

The way is in this to be

It’s word, it’s change; it’s change

Away, away; but love is in this house


The way is you and you

The way is a shekel of grace

Oh water, oh water, oh water

Water, water; send, send


The water is love and love

Love is on this house

Water sending, water sending

The God of blessing, the God of change


A need is great; but love blesses

For God’s fields are purpose and grace

The God of change, change and love

God is needing change,


Change to church it’s a change to church

A house, a house, a house

Change, change, change: man, church

The way is love and grace


God’s secret is change and love

The word, the word; opening grace

God’s word is grace, love and love

The God of love is to abide in this house


In blending; in love, in love

It’s love in hearts of love

The wonders, the signs to be, is now

God is here and now

It’s word, it’s word, it’s word


The word is waking nation

God change you and thee

The waking of grace is change and change

The word, the word is love


Forget, forget; for God’s love opens you

Turn, release and be

God is changing church and church

Forget and do the word, the word


The change: you are, you are

God-man; God-love

The work, the work is no; go and do

The testing is learning to do


God must do and be in you

Hurdles, hurdles; blessed, blessed

Dark, dark; change, changing

Division, division; but abundant love


The doer is going and doing

The blessing comes, you’re to be and love

The word, the word to do is now

The word to be is change; it’s word!


Given by Papa God, January 16, 2009

Cheer, cheer; a prophetic poem



God is abiding

You’re to be abiding

The fire is going to open now

The fast of heaven, the fast of hearts

God sends cheer and love


Given by Papa God, January 16, 2009