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Archive for December 24, 2008

The Files; a poetic impression from papa God



It’s words, it’s change, it’s change

Healings.  Works.  Change

It’s you, working in me

Healed, released and changed


Loved, grace, loved, blessed

Hearts, hearts, loving heart

The blessor, the blessor; you are loved

Is thee blessed, blessed and changed!


God’s might, God’s sight

Things.  Grace.  You

Healed and loved and blessed

God released and blessed


Blessed, blessed, blessed; grace, change

Love words, love change

The words, the files open now

God loves to increase


It’s you; growing and blessing; this is change

Things, blessings, blessing

The blessor: grace, grace and change

The door, the door; change.  You


There’s files of change, files of blessing

The blessor, the blessor, ha!  The blessor!

It’s blessing the blessors

God releasing change


It’s me in thee

You released and released

God loves to release change

God releasing money and change


It’s force, it’s force, it’s blessing

Keep, keep change and love

The blessor, the blessor, you are to receive

It’s blessing, it’s love, it’s grace!


God blessor, God releasor

Blessing, change and change

Oh release and release

It’s my change, my file, my blessing


Given by Papa God, December 23, 2008