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The Wrestle; A poetic impression from Papa God



God’s open and open

God’s open for this and that

God’s love is abundant for this

Love is open on your house


Love; oh love you I do!

The wrestle, the wrestling you see

God’s open and open to things

God’s open and open to things


Love opens this and that

The rigid; the rigid say no

Love says yes, yes, yes

Rely!  God is love, rely on the love


Had it?  Had it?  God’s love opens this to this

God’s love must open you, it opens you

There’s a gate opening up

There’s a gate opening that


The balance of my love

The balance of change

God’s riches you see; you’re to see

Rigid?  God’s not this


Riddle, riddle; God’s might

Grace, grace, heals, heals

Riddle, riddle; God’s might

Riddle; God’s might is opening for you


Wrestle; I open you to my love

Heavy I am, but I bless

Heroes, heroes; you are loved

Ho, ho, God’s love opens this

Wrestle, wrestle; it’s open, open


Settle, settle; it is open for you

The hold, the hold is my love

Highly abundant and highly changed

A release I do; a release I turn


The holds, the holds I send is a hold of grace

God’s holding you in grace

Riddle, riddle; God’s not there but in this

Wrestle my love; wrestle it


Ho, it’s my love you’re going to know

Ready?  Ready?  You’re going to do this

They say who is this that comes in now?

It’s a holler, holler, holler!


God’s wrestlings are abundant in this

Wrestling; God’s not there, but there

Holding, holds, holds, hold higher, higher, higher

Haste, haste, haste; God’s changing the church


Wrestling they do; God wrestles you in love

The real house, the real change

Herod, no; Herod, not

It’s more God; it’s more grace


Wrestle, wrestle, wrestle; my, my, my

But God’s changing things

The seals open now, the seals of grace and change

Higher, higher, now love comes


Lift, lift, lift; God’s change and changing

The rack of healing

The rack of the word

The rack of grace


Lord, Lord, Lord, not this, not that

God’s love wrestles in grace

Wrestle me!  God’s love turns things

There’s a seed, but it’s a house


Given by Papa God November 11, 2008 f

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