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King, King, Kings; A prophetic poem



Oh God’s word, God’s king

God’s word, God’s love

God’s word: you’re a king

A king of my love


Love king, love king, love king

God’s love opens you, king

The word, the word, the word

God’s word, king, king, king


God’s word, king, king, king

God’s weight; God’s heart is love, is love, is love

God’s king, God’s love; loving, loving king

Barren?  God’s opens heaven, open


Secret, secret change

Love must open heaven

Riddle, riddle and riddle

God’s love is abundant


God’s love, king, king, king

God’s love blending, blending; opening change

God’s barrels, opening, opening, opening barrels

Many hearts, many doors; many blessings, many change


Cool, cool, my purpose is

Riddle, riddle?  Ho-ho!

The God of word is God

Shock, shock, shock; God’s massing; shock


The way of grace, the way of blessing

A barrel, a barrel, it opens for you

Receive my abundant heart

The more blessing, the more grace, the more change


Release, release, more; release more

King, God is king

King, king, king

Great, great, king


Given by Papa God November 26, 2007


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